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The Shows

As a pianist accompanist of Léo Munger singing Piaf, Alexane participated to the concept of the show « Tout ce que j’ai ». Intuitive and imaginative, she loved to create ambiances with original songs or with standards.  Here is the list for the shows Alexane performed :

  • Boutabou(1996-97)
  • L’Amour en vrac at the Manoir Rouville Campbell(1998-99)
  • Mon tricycle rouge (2001)
  • Piaf, Brel and other french singers ( 2001)
  • Music form the movies for the soirées de La Chapelle in Terrebonne (2005)
  • Félix Leclerc at the Petit Medley in Montreal(2008)
  • Un humain nu-main (presented in 2012-13 throughout Quebec) 
  • Operetta show for homes(2015)

It was a pleasure to be surrounded by excellent musicians et also a wonderful choir.

Just like Jean-Pierre Ferland J !

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